The ranks of Department emeriti include scholars, teachers, writers and other intellectuals too numerous to mention, and we have much to thank them for. They include:

Piero Aragno (Italian)

William J. Berg (French)

Karl G. Bottke (French)

Germaine Bree (French)

Keith Busby (French)

Gino Casagrande (Italian)

Thomas Cravens (Italian)

Martine Debaisieux (French)

Silvano Garofalo (Italian)

Alfred Glauser (French)

Maurice Gras (French)

Sue Grass (Administration)

Nelly Halzen (French)

Marc Hanrez (French)

Douglas Kelly (French)

Christopher Kleinhenz (Italian)

Constance Knop (French)

Ullrich Langer (French)

Mary Lydon (French)

Sally Magnan, now Sally Pierce (French)

Elaine Marks (French)

Laurey Martin-Berg (French)

Giovanna Miceli Jeffries (Italian)

Arnold Miller (French)

Yvonne Ozzello (French)

Merle Perkins (French)

Robert Rodini (Italian)

Louis Rossi (Italian)

Peter Schofer (French)

Aliko Songolo (French)

François Tochon (French)

Lorin Uffenbeck (French)

Simone Verdun (French)

Steven Winspur (French)