Recent Graduate Placements

Recent M.A. and Ph.D. Major Graduates


Aniello Di Iorio – Italian Ph.D.  
Elizabeth Franz – French Ph.D.  
Tess Maki – French M.A. Continuing Education Specialist in The Information School at the University of Wisconsin – Madison
Parker Story – French M.A. Instructional Designer at Goodwin University
Katherine Terry – French Ph.D.  


Debora Bellinzani – Italian Ph.D.  
Heidi Biancat – French Ph.D. French Teacher at Vel Phillips Memorial High School
Hilary Emerson – Italian Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor and Coordinator of Italian at Rhode Island University
Alessandro Martina – Italian Ph.D. Instructor of Italian at the University of Alabama
Lauren Surovi – Italian Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor of Italian and coordinator of the Italian language program at Syracuse University


Corie Marshall – Italian Ph.D.  
Giordano Mazza – Italian Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian and Spanish at Sewanee University of the South
Kelsey Roy – French Ph.D.  
Jeffrey Thomas – French Ph.D. Learning Program Manager at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


Anna Rockwell – Italian Ph.D. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program Assistant and Instructor at University of Southern Maine


Matteo Billeri – Italian Ph.D.  
Annalisa Casciani – Italian Ph.D.  
Samantha Mattocci – Italian Ph.D. Adjunct Professor of Italian at Montgomery College
Tyler Rowe – French M.A. Academic Assessment Designer at Emerson College
Jarmila Sawicka – French Ph.D. Learning Designer at Cengage
Lindsey Smith – French Ph.D. Assistant Professor at Western Washington University
Whitney Swance – French M.A. Policy Associate at FiscalNote
Dan Zhang – French Ph.D. Associate Professor at Sichuan International Studies University


Carla Cornette – Italian Ph.D. Instructor of Italian at the University of Missouri
Sarah Forzley – French Ph.D. Trainer at Epic
Jennifer Morgan – French Ph.D. IACUC Coordinator at Labcorp Drug Development
Tessa Sermet – French Ph.D. Assistant Professor of French at Lake Forest College
Jan Starczewski – French Ph.D. Assistant Professor of French at Hillsdale College