Sarah R.

Cambridge, MA

Majors and certificates

Classics, History

Graduation year


After graduation

I am a graduate student in Classical Archaeology at Harvard University.


I first became interested in learning Latin because of my reading on the American founding fathers, particularly John Adams, and their struggles with and enjoyment of the language. Also, I took German through all of junior high and high school, so when I got to UW I wanted to try something different. I jumped at the chance to take Latin because I had always been interested in learning it but hadn't had the opportunity. I continued taking it because I loved it, and when I decided to major in Classics, I began Greek as well. In addition to Latin and ancient Greek, I started Italian the semester before I studied abroad in Florence. I wanted to have some foundation in the language in order to get more out of my time in the country.

How language enriched

Since I have gone into the field of Classics, they are quite central to my life! Yes, I also spent a semester in Florence while at UW, and every summer since graduating I have spent several months abroad, mostly in Turkey and Rome. Combining travel with language skills is a big part of the reason why I chose to go into Classical Archaeology. Traveling and working abroad is not only enjoyable, but also makes the past cultures I study come alive in helpful and interesting ways.

Favorite memory

The language classes were a good place to find a sense of community within the large university. Many of them met several times a week, so a camaraderie could really develop. The teaching was excellent, and now that I am teaching Latin at the college level I use a lot of the techniques, approaches, and texts that I benefited from as a student.

How language was maintained

I have taught Latin at the college level.


The language classes were a good place to find a sense of community within the large university.