Riccardo Marcangeli

Credentials: PhD Student in Italian

Email: marcangeli@wisc.edu


  • Double Major:  Bachelors in Italian Literature & Cinema at College of the Holy Cross & Bachelors in Psychology at College of the Holy Cross
  • M.A. in Italian Literature and Cinematography at Boston College


Besides having a passion and professional interest in Italian cinema, my objectives for my graduate education are not only to gain a more extensive knowledge of contemporary Italian cinema, but also to go above and beyond at improving my general knowledge of Italian language, literature, and history. Italian cinema coupled with the Italian culture of the 20th century have a lot to do with living “the good life” or “La Dolce Vita.”. It is not by any incident that the expression is also the title of one of the most acclaimed films of all time whose visual aesthetics have influenced Italian cinema today. Not to mention the inspiration that many films have given to Italian music and composers from Piero Umiliani’s famous jazz scores from Big Deal on Madonna Street to Sergio Leone’s legendary spaghetti western The Good, The Bad and The Ugly alongside Ennio Morricone.

Some of my course objectives I wish to pursue are: the Italian cinema at the end of the war, first generation registi (Rossellini, Fellini, Antonioni, De Sica, Pasolini), second generation registi (Risi, Monicelli, Bertolucci, Ferreri), as well as third generation registi (Nanni Moretti, Salvatores, Tornatore) to today. These directors convince me enough of the artistic prose and importance of watching and hearing the language and music within Italian films to gain a deeper understanding of Italian language, culture, and history. Taken together—Italian movies and music— I aspire to expand my knowledge to an even greater caliber.


  • Italian 101 & 102, Boston College
  • Italian 101, University of Wisconsin – Madison


  • Worcester State Romance Languages Conference – La Novella del Grasso Legnaiuolo of Antonio Manetti