Heather Willis Allen

Ph.D., French/Education, Emory University, 2002

Associate Professor, Course Chair for French 101, French 102, French 201, 203



732 Van Hise

Primary language



Second language acquisition–L2 motivation, L2 teacher development, literacy-based approaches to L2 instruction.


Prof. Willis Allen’s CV

Selected publications


  • Paesani, K. A., Allen, H. W., & Dupuy, B. (2016). A multiliteracies framework for collegiate foreign language teaching. Theory and Practice in Second Language Classroom Instruction Series. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. Contributing Author. 320 pages. In print Jan. 2015.
  • Allen, H. W., & Dubreil, S. (2014). Alliages culturels: La société française en transformation. Boston: Heinle Cengage. Lead Author. 290 pages. In print 2013.


Edited volume

  • Allen, H. W., & Maxim, H. H. (Eds.). (2013). Educating the future foreign language professoriate for the 21st century. Boston: Heinle Cengage. 242 pages. In print Nov. 2012.


Peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Allen, H. W., & Dupuy, B. (2013). Study abroad, foreign language use, and the Communities standard. Foreign Language Annals, 45, 468-493.
  • Paesani, K., & Allen, H. W. (2012). Beyond the language-content divide: A review of research on advanced collegiate foreign language teaching and learning. Foreign Language Annals, 45 (S1), S54- S75.
  • Allen, H. W. (2010). Interactive contact during study abroad as linguistic affordance: Myth or reality? Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, 19, 1-26.
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  • Allen, H. W. (2010). What shapes short-term study abroad experiences? A comparative case study of students’ motives and goals. Journal of Studies in International Education, 14, 452-470.
  • Allen, H. W., & Paesani, K. (2010). Exploring the feasibility of a pedagogy of multiliteracies in introductory foreign language courses. L2 Journal, 2, 119-142.


Peer-reviewed book chapters

  • Frei, C., Levine, G., Allen, H. W., & Swanson, B. (2017). Implications of the AP WorldLanguage Curriculum for University Language Programs. In J. W. Tharpe & P. Urlaub. The Interconnected Language Curriculum: Critical Transitions and Interfaces in Articulated K-16 Contexts (pp. 99-117). Boston: Heinle Cengage.
  • Allen, H. W., & Paesani, K. (in press, 2016). “Invitation au voyage”: A multiliteracies approach to teaching genre. Invited submission to C. Krueger (Ed.), Approaches to Teaching Baudelaire’s Prose Poems, Approaches to Teaching World Literature series, Modern Language Association.
  • Allen, H. W. (2014). Foreign language teaching assistant professional development: Challenges and strategies in meeting the 2007 MLA Report’s calls for change. Invited submission to J. Swaffar and P. Urlaub (Eds.), Transforming Postsecondary Foreign Language Teaching in the United States (pp. 177-191). Dordrecht: Springer.
  • Allen, H. W. (2013). Self-regulatory strategies of foreign language learners: From the classroom to study abroad and beyond. C. Kinginger (Ed.), Social and cultural aspects of cross-border language learning (pp. 47-73). John Benjamins.