Ouisconsin Scholarship


Open to undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students.

The earliest maps of the land that was to become the state of Wisconsin were generated by French explorers, who transcribed the Algonquian lexicon according to French grapho-phonemic relations. Many of these early maps carry the term Ouisconsin. Cognizant that we live in a world of challenges that increasingly require international solutions, WAA-France wishes to enhance the global competence of UW students. The WAA-France Chapter has created a needs-based grant to support field research in France, or other francophone country, for an eligible UW student in hopes of enhancing his or her global competence in the tradition of those historic relations between Wisconsin and France.

The selected applicant will demonstrate clear links between current and future research/academic challenges and how this funding will make a difference to the student’s academic and/or professional projects within a global context.

The $3,000 USD grant may be used to cover travel and travel-related expenses (e.g. visa), living costs, or research fees and supplies. For a full list of application requirements and detailed scholarship guidelines, see the application form.

Ouisconsin Field Research Scholarship Application. 

Deadline: Spring

Would you like to support the UW Alumni-France Chapter?  Buy a Ouisconsin t-shirt, available for purchase on the French House website, and $10 will be contributed to the Ouisconsin Scholarship Fund.

For more information on how you can actively support the Ouisconsin Scholarship, click here.