Major in French

Major Requirements

 For information on requirements for the French major, please refer to the Undergraduate Guide.

Students in the School of Education may declare a French major through their school or through Letters & Science. For more information on the French Education Program, please refer to the Undergraduate Guide.



Having completed an undergraduate major in French, you will be able to:


  • Demonstrate understanding and ability to analyze literary and non-literary texts in French representing a broad spectrum of topics, time periods, and geographical regions
  • Express yourself effectively in spoken and written French to inform, persuade, and narrate for different audiences of listeners, viewers, or readers
  • Express yourself effectively in spoken and written French to share information, reactions, and opinions related to a broad spectrum of topics and texts


  • Recognize and explain cultural artifacts, practices, and perspectives of the French-speaking world including how these cultural elements relate to literary and non-literary texts in French
  • Demonstrate a good degree of understanding of lexical, grammatical, syntactic, and stylistic features of the French language


  • Demonstrate awareness of difference and diversity by comparing and contrasting culturally situated  beliefs, behaviors, and norms of the French-speaking world with your own
  • Engage in a sustained fashion with the French language, its users, and cultural artifacts in and beyond the classroom, e.g., in your own community, virtual communities, and study abroad 

 How to Declare


  1. Download and complete the L&S Major Declaration Form.
  2. Bring the form to the French advisor
  3. Note: If you have declared another major in a College other than L&S, and wish to double major in French, contact a French advisor to complete the Major Declaration Form. Take the signed form to the Student Academic Affairs office of the other college in which you are enrolled, and file an “Academic Action Form.” Once the Academic Action Form has been filed, notify your French advisor.