What to Do with Synthetic Language Models in French and Italian?

This event has passed.

Van Hise Hall, Room 286
@ 4:00 pm CDT - 5:30 pm CDT


Description: Designed for teachers and scholars in French and Italian studies at every phase of their careers, this professional-development event is designed to help us share our individual responses to available synthetic language models (i.e. ChatGPT) in our work, especially as teachers. Panelists: Loren Eadie (Italian), Ritt Deitz (French), and Jan Miernowski (French) will propose very brief remarks, after which all participants will be invited to share, question, and otherwise discus the ways we might respond to this technology in our classes.

Panelists: Jan Miernowski (French); Loren Eadie (Italian); Ritt Deitz (French)

Event Organizers: Nevine El-nossery, Peter Russella, Kimberly Rooney