37th GAFIS Symposium, 2024

Dr. Aubrey Gabel, Columbia University

This event has passed.

Pyle Center

GAFIS Symposium


Games and play are omnipresent in human society and take innumerable forms. Questions surrounding the role of play and games have generated much theoretical debate from which various perspectives and approaches have emerged, taking different forms across time and space. Over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries, numerous fields of research have taken an interest in the topic including mathematics, literary and media studies, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, pedagogy, psychology, economics, and computer science. Indeed, as Johan Huizinga has suggested, games and the “spirit of play” underpin a broad array of social structures, practices and institutions. Language, religion, poetry, visual and performance art, literature, education, politics, economics, mathematics, the “hard” sciences all incorporate or contain elements of play and games as an object of study, as an underlying structure or as a lens.

The 2024 GAFIS Symposium intends to bring together graduate student scholars from the humanities and sciences to display and reflect on the diversity of approaches to and applications of “Games and Play” across disciplines


Dr. Aubrey Gabel
(Columbia University)

Dr. Jan Miernowski
(University of Wisconsin–Madison)

Dr. Jelena Todorović
(University of Wisconsin–Madison)

Contact: gafis_symposium@frit.wisc.edu