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FRIT Research Seminar

September 30, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm


Buongiorno a tuttì / Bonjour à tous!

Please join us on Wednesday September 30th from 4:00-5:15pm for our Research Seminar. We hope to see everyone there in support of our presenters. This month our presenters will be Italian PhD student Irene Hatzopoulos, French PhD candidate Sandra Descourtis, and Professor Jan Miernowski.

To attend the seminar please use this link https://uwmadison.zoom.us/j/91364627982

Department of French and Italian Research Seminar:

Irene Hatzopoulos, “Cultural Mutation: Gennariello, Salò and the loss of self”

Sandra Descourtis, “Designing multilingual activities to fostering children’s language awareness”

Jan Miernowski, “War on Reality? Expert Knowledge, Critical Inquiry, or Interdisciplinary Thinking in the Time of Trump”


Cultural Mutation: Gennariello, Salò and the loss of self

Irene Hatzopoulos

L’Omologazione delle masse is a concept that constantly plagued Pasolini.  In his early works we see protagonists at the margins of this new society: an oscillation of those who want to be part of it and those who don’t.  Ultimately, their fate is the same: the new world that they see growing before their eyes indiscriminately rejects them. This stance is obvious in his period romano. While after 1966 Pasolini sets these ideas aside in favor of more poetic and allegorical films, I believe he comes full circle in the mid-1970s, refocusing his concentration on l’omologazione.

If in works like Teorema we see characters, fully homologized in the società consumistica, who rally against it, “Gennariello” and Salò present us with two opposing situations that in a way can be combined to present us with an if/then scenario.  Pasolini says: “Chi accetta realisticamente una trasformazione che è regresso e degradazione, vuol dire che non ama chi subisce tale regresso e tale degradazione, […].” In this presentation I will show how the two works dialogue with each other to present a lesson in social pedagogy and sound the alarm for the troubles to come if no civil change is enacted.

Designing multilingual activities to fostering children’s language awareness.

Sandra Descourtis

To foster children’s language awareness, promote inclusion and empower multilingual students, teaching units and a variety of multilingual activities (such as translated versions of well-known children’ books, creation of recipe books, etc.) have been designed and implemented in an elementary school in the Midwest with K-5 students.

This presentation offers visual and textual examples of activities done in the classroom and also includes details about the development of teaching units, the choice of the books, and students’ responses.

War on Reality? Expert Knowledge, Critical Inquiry, or Interdisciplinary Thinking in the Time of Trump 

Jan Miernowski

My goal is twofold: first, to take a stand in the ongoing war on science; second, to propose a model of relationship between academic thinking and reality that may be of practical value for today and for immediate future. I will start by presenting two divergent voices recently raised by the Association of American University Professors in defense of scientific and scholarly investigation: the official statement of this organization entitled In Defense of Knowledge and Higher Education, as well as Judith Butler’s polemical Dissenting View from the Humanities on the AAUP’s Statement on Knowledge (both published in Spring 2020). I will respond to these texts with a vision of interdisciplinarity inspired by Bruno Latour’s anthropology of the moderns. I will conclude by a series of programmatic propositions regarding academic thinking.




September 30, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:15 pm
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Virtual Research Seminar
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