***Please Note: If you have received only a Bachelor’s degree and intend to go on to a PhD after completing your MA, please apply directly to the PhD program!


We hope you will consider applying to our program. We offer an M.A. and Ph.d. in Italian.


Applicants for the MA or PhD in Italian must submit all application materials by the application deadline of December 20. International students may have different deadlines due to the extra processing time required for visas and I-20 or IAP-66 forms. Please refer to International Student Services for more information.


Graduate School Application
Please refer to the following links:

  • Consult the Graduate School website for complete information about graduate education opportunities at UW-Madison. This site is especially helpful in understanding Admissions Requirements developing a Timeline for application.
  • You will need to list 3 people who will write letters of recommendation for you. They should be in faculty or permanent academic staff positions. Since the Graduate School will contact your recommenders directly via e-mail once you have completed your online application, you should be sure to contact each recommender at least a month prior to when the letter of recommendation is needed to let them know that they will be contacted directly by the Graduate School
  • Submit the on-line Graduate School Application for Admission and pay the application fee.  NOTE: the application fee can only be paid using a credit/debit card or an application fee waiver (for those who qualify).  In rare and extenuating circumstances, the application fee can be paid for by the Department.  Contact the Graduate Coordinator if you would like to request the Department to pay the application fee.  Each case will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  • GRE (optional) institution code 1846 for UW-Madison
  • Non-native English speakers must also submit results for the TOEFL or MELAB exams. Please note that the Graduate School requires that these scores be no older than 2 years old. This is calculated from the start of the term for which you are applying, NOT the date on which we receive your application.

 Materials required for the application:

All materials are submitted electronically directly to the online application.

  • Statement of purpose/reasons for graduate study in the Italian program
  • CV
  • TA/Fellowship Application: To be considered for Teaching Assistantship or Fellowship support, you must submit to the department a document listing all relevant experience since you began studying Italian. There is no specific application form – it is a document, much like a CV, that you put together yourself. Include travel, study, or residence abroad. For teaching experience, be specific about subject, level, actual classroom hours/week, and age of students. Also indicate undergraduate and graduate honors, and how you would support yourself if UW was not able to offer support.
  • Writing sample (essay or paper in Italian – usually between 7-12 pages in length)
  • Letters of recommendation from three (3) or more recommenders
  • Unofficial transcripts or copies of official transcripts
  • For international students

You are welcome to contact the Graduate Coordinator, Shawn Ramer, with questions.