Research Seminar 2016-2017

Research Seminar Wednesday November 30, 2016

 Martine Debaisieux

« Peau d’Ane » musicienne, ou les entremises de la perversion chez Jacques Demy. 

In his film adaptation of Charles Perrault’s « Peau d’Ane » (Donkey Skin), Jacques Demy takes a significant distance from a “perverse story” — as he refers to it -– in order to make it suitable for a large audience.   We will examine how Demy deals with the awakening of the incestuous desire in comparing text and movie sequence.  (in French)

Samantha Mattocci

Boccaccio the Scribe: the Case of MS Laurenziano Pluteo 29.8

During his lifelong activity as a scribe, Giovanni Boccaccio produced a wide range of manuscripts that differ in layout, content, and format. This paper will focus specifically on the physical features of MS Laurenziano Pluteo 29.8., and aims to provide a comprehensive explanation of the nature and purpose of this Boccaccian autograph through the analysis of the manuscript’s layout and of Boccaccio’s writing practices.

Gilles Bousquet, Carlo Annelli, Caitlin Yocco-Locascio

Learn Local, Live Global? Exploring a University’s Alumni and Global Connections

This presentation will feature an update on two distinct and related research projects, one on foreign direct investments in Wisconsin business, the other on the career trajectories of FRIT alumni, as part of a larger study on the evolution of public (research) universities in a time of national tension and global pressures.

This year, the graduate student organizers will be Lauren Surovi and Caitlin Schaer (, and I will continue to oversee the faculty side of things.  Please contact any one of us.