Cameroonian Film Director Jean-Pierre Bekolo

Jean-Pierre Bekolo will make several presentations and also show one of his films. 

  • Le Président (The President) 65 min. 2013


UW-Madison will be hosting Mr. Jean-Pierre Bekolo in the final week of March : please find below a brief bio and a list of events.



Jean-Pierre Bekolo (1966, Yaounde) is an avant-garde filmmaker and socio-cultural activist whose imaginative work overturns stereotypes of Africa and African cinema. His entertaining films operate on multiple layers, engaging viewers with thrilling stories, biting humor and dramatic aesthetics.

An advocate of artistic freedom, Bekolo is committed to realizing Africa’s philosophies and cultures. Quartier Mozart shows the hybridity, complexity and humor in urban Yaounde in a playful, hip-hop reinvention of a traditional tale about gender, power, magic and politics. Aristotle’s Plot parodies rules and definitions, action movies and ‘African’ cinema made for European audiences, while aesthetically reflecting on the nature of existence, its ambiguities and absence of rigid categories. Aiming to incite viewers to conceive an alternate reality, his fake documentary The President is a hilarious, biting satire on African leaders who cling to power, and his dystopian, sci-fi comic thriller with stunning surreal visuals, Les Saignantes, presents extreme corruption, feminism, social decay and intergenerational conflict for review.

Bekolo’s work on the re-representation of Africa also includes insightful documentaries that seek to educate, such as Grandmother’s Grammar on groundbreaking Senegalese filmmaker Djibril Diop Mambety, and Les Choses et Les Mots de Mudimbe on the renowned Congolese philosopher, multi-linguist and uber-polymath.



Monday, 03/28:

2:25pm, Van Hise 104 : Visit Prof. Vlad Dima’s undergraduate class, “Life after Life,” for a discussion on the film “Les Saignantes.”


Tuesday, 03/29:

2:25pm, Van Hise 483 : Visit Prof. Névine El-Nossery’s graduate course on Francophone literature and film.


Wednesday, 03/30:

12pm, 206 Ingraham Hall : Africa-at-Noon series, an informal interview with the director

Title: “Conversations: Jean-Pierre Bekolo and Cinema” (led by Prof. Dima) on various issues.


Thursday, 03/31:
4pm, L160 Elvehjem : A Germaine Brée Lecture Series : “Le Président: Africa for the Future”

 Campus-wide presentation (in English) on the current state of African cinema, followed by a screening of one of the director’s films and a brief Q&A


Friday, 04/01:

4pm at the French House : Informal presentation (in French) on Mr. Bekolo’s general artistic process, reasons for making films, politics etc.

Reception to follow.


For more on Bekolo’s career please explore the following links:


We would like to thank the Institute for Research in the Humanities, the Department of French and Italian, and the African Studies Program for sponsoring these events.