French 821: Literacy development in advanced foreign language courses

This graduate pro-seminar provides teachers already exposed to the fundamentals of lower-level collegiate foreign language instruction opportunity to further develop theoretical knowledge and teaching strategies for advanced learning, literature, and cultural studies courses. Readings are from New Literacy Studies scholars (e.g., James Paul Gee, Richard Kern, The New London Group) as well as essays and empirical studies on advanced undergraduate foreign language courses and curricula. The final project for FRE 821 entails developing a course syllabus and sample materials for an advanced-level language, literature, or cultural studies course, elements of particular relevance to those who wish to compile a teaching portfolio before going on the job market. Course will be conducted in English. Prerequisites: Introductory-level graduate course on theories and methodologies for foreign langauge / ESL teaching. VARIABLE CREDIT AVAILABLE (1-3 credits).