Italian 732: Lineamenti Di Letteratura Italiana

Voci di donne fra Sei e Settecento

This course will offer graduate students a broad overview of seventeenth- and eighteenth- century Italian women writers: Moderata Fonte, Lucrezia Marinella, Arcangela Tarabotti, Sara Copio Sullam, Luisa Bergalli, Petronilla Paolini Massimi, Faustina Maratti Zappi, Elisabetta Caminer Turra, Diodata Saluzzo, and others. Selected works will be analyzed in a historical and cultural context with special focus on how these authors challenged and, occasionally, subverted contemporary canons. In addition to an oral presentation, students will co-edit an anthology of women writers containing biographical sources, textual excerpts with footnotes and critical bibliography. The course will be taught entirely in Italian and textual analysis will be conducted on duplications of original reproductions.