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Study Abroad and International Internships


Study Abroad

UW in Bologna

Fully immerse yourself in the Italian culture, improve your language skills, and spend your academic year or semester engaged in courses with Italian students at the University, and other BCSP participants in consortium classes.

UW in Florence

This program is ideal if you’re looking for an academically rich study abroad experience with an introduction to Italian language. In Florence, the renowned history of Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, the Medici, and Botticelli will become part of your daily experience.

Arcadia Program in Perugia

On this program, you will be intentionally immersed in an Italian language and culture experience.

UW Classics in Italy

This program will help you navigate new educational systems, observe italian perspectives on academic disciplines and daily life, and deepen cross cultural understanding through site visits and educctional tours.

UW in Rome

Study abroad at John Cabot University in Rome. This experience will help you strengthen your language skills, and allow you to discover a distinctly American learning experience while being enriched by Rome and the international faculty and student population. 


International Internship Program heps you explore international internship options. Click here for there latest schedule and deadlines.