Tutors and Translators (Italian)

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Tutors, please be aware of internet fraud. For more information, search “Tutor Scam.”

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Do you need a translation certified or signed before a notaryA translation for a French or Italian organization may not need to be notarized; the translator may be able to simply compose a certificate of accuracy. For American organizations that require a notary, any local bank should have a notary on staff who will sign for free (the translator is the person who needs to bring the documents to the notary, and remember that s/he should only sign before the notary).

Individuals associated with the Department Individuals not associated with the Department



Italian Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant

Available for translations. MA Italian (Middlebury, 2010), Ph.D. candidate, Italian TA.  Experience as a translator of legal, scholarly and literary texts. English to Italian, Italian to English. Greek to English, English to Greek (native English & Greek speaker).


There are currently no individuals listed with us for tutoring or translation not associated with the department.  If you are seeking a translator, you can search for one through the American Translators Association.