Tutors and Translators in Italian

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Do you need a translation certified or signed before a notary? A translation for a French or Italian organization may not need to be notarized; the translator may be able to simply compose a certificate of accuracy. For American organizations that require a notary, any local bank should have a notary on staff who will sign for free (the translator is the person who needs to bring the documents to the notary, and remember that s/he should only sign before the notary). 

Individuals associated with the FRIT Department


Individuals not associated with the FRIT Department

Associated with the Department

Italian Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant
Ph.D. student in Italian, MA in Italian (Middlebury College, 2015), MA in Teaching Italian as a Second Language (University of Milan, 2014), MA in Sociology (University of Rome, 1994). Professional journalist; tutoring and teaching experience with adults and children; special interest in teaching through collaborative writing (adults) and learning-in-motion (children).
Available to tutor 5 hours per week, up to 5x a week.

Italian Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant
Native Speaker. Extensive experience in teaching Italian to groups and individuals. Taught Italian to a variety of age groups, from Seniors to children. Translation of Art Historical Prose and Literature.
Will tutor, translate, and interpret.

Italian Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant
Available up to 4 hours per week. English to Italian and Italian to English (native Italian speaker)

Italian Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant
MA Italian (2011), Ph.D. candidate, Italian TA (Italian 101 Fall 2015). Available to tutor Italian 102, 201, 203, 204 and advanced students up to 2 hours per week. Experience as a tutor, translator (of legal and scholarly texts), editor and language instructor (English/Italian courses from early childhood through adulthood). English to Italian and Italian to English (native English speaker)

CASCIANI, Annalisa
Italian Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant
Available up to 5 hours per week. English to Italian (native Italian speaker).

MS, MA, PhD. Has studied English to Italian and Italian to English translation at the Advanced Second Level/C2 at the University for Foreigners in Perugia, Italy for a year (2009-2010). Since then she has translated a wide variety of texts (both English to Italian and Italian to English) including: literary texts, medical journal articles, governmental documents such as birth, death and marriage certificates and school transcripts, as well as a photographic art exhibit. In additiona, Carla has experience as a simultaneous interpreter (Italian to English).

CARONE, Maria Giulia
Italian Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant
phone: (920) 931-5101
Italian and German Native Speaker. MA Translation Degree in Italian, Spanish, and English; MA in Italian, German, and English Literature. Experienced instructor and tutor: taught Italian, Spanish, and German at American Liberal Arts Colleges. External experience as translator and interpreter, specialized in legal, technical, and literary texts.
Will tutor, translate, interpret, and type documents.

EADIE, Loren , PhD
Courses taught: Italian 101, 102, 203, 350, 651
PhD in Italian with ten years experience teaching Italian language at the college level. Near native fluency with advanced competency in translating documents from Italian into English. Available to tutor and translate.

Italian Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant
Available 10 hours per week: Mondays 1-3PM, Tuesdays 4-6PM, Wednesdays 5-6PM, 12-5PM Fridays. Experience tutoring Italian one-on-one and in small groups; experience in Italian curriculum development at AES World Languages & Cultures Institute; experience teaching Italian 101 at UW-Madison; experience teaching children through educational games, songs and theater (4-14 years old).

Home phone (608) 251-0619
Italian native Speaker.  Instructor and Freelance Translator (from English, Spanish, and French into Italian).  B.A. in Spanish and French Languages and Literatures from University of Turin, Italy.  Taught Italian and Spanish at UW, Madison College for the Continuing Education Dept., and Literacy Network.  Please contact me for:  tutoring, translating, voice over, typing, and editing documents.  Check out my CV: http://www.proz.com/translator/1655692 or www.linkedin.com/in/manuelafrancavilla


Italian Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant

Available for translations. MA Italian (Middlebury, 2010), Ph.D. candidate, Italian TA.  Experience as a translator of legal, scholarly and literary texts. English to Italian, Italian to English. Greek to English, English to Greek (native English & Greek speaker).

Italian Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant
Available 4 hours per week: Mondays 1-3PM, Tuesdays & Thursdays 1-2PM. Currently teaching Italian 102. Italian to English (native English speaker)

MORELLO, Valentina
Italian Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant
Available to tutor up to 5x a week.

Home Phone: (608) 233-1941

Email: daniela.sponseller@gmail.com

Native speaker of Italian, fluent in English and German. MA in German and Second Language Acquisition from UW Madison. Experienced instructor of Italian (both at UW Madison and Madison College) and available for any level of tutoring, conversation, and translations.

Italian Undergraduate Student & Romance Language Specialist
Italian, International Business, Marketing, Management and Human Resources Major. Background in Italian literature and culture. Has experience as an English instructor in Mantua, Italy. Available to tutor students in Italian 101, 102, 201, 203, and 204. Able to tutor students from the perspective of a recent learner of the language. Also available to interpret.

SUROVI, Lauren
MA, Italian (Middlebury College, 2012); experience with one-on-one tutoring and small groups. Available to tutor for all Italian courses (except ITA 101 in Fall 2018) — up to 2 hours per week. Translation: Italian to English (native English speaker), particular area of translation expertise: Medieval and Early Modern texts; academic writing. 

Not Associated with the Department

ADAMO, Frank
Home phone: 0039-329-815-0621
Alumnus of the Department of French and Italian, ESL teacher and translator in Italy for 20 years, specializing in medical and scientific articles.  My text and audio translations have appeard in major international journals and medical websites.  Will translate.  Please also check out website:  www.TeachItaly.com 

Home Phone : (608) 244-2027
Native speaker. Experienced teacher, tutor, interpreter and translator of technical documents. Will tutor, translate, interpret and type.

English PhD Student. MA in Italian Studies with a minor in Translation Studies and Romance Linguistics (California State University Long Beach, 2016). Experience as an instructor, tutor, and translator. Italian courses taught as a TA: Italian 101A (Fundamentals of Italian, 2 semesters); Italian 100A (Fundamentals of Italian for Spanish Speakers, 1 semester); Italian 201A (Intermediate Italian, 1 semester). Studied Italian literature at l’Università di Firenze and l’Università Ca’ Foscari (2012-2013, 2016). Studied translation at the graduate level; translated ecopoetry for an Italian poet and have a forthcoming translation of a selection from L’ereditiera veneziana by Fulvio Tomizza to be published by CSU Long Beach.

Available to tutor up to 4 hours per week (by appointment). 

CELI, Christopher
Cellphone (414) 339-8068
Home address: 1025 Sherman Avenue, Madison, WI 53703
Bilingual Native Speaker (Italian/English). Experienced Instructor (6 years at UW), Tutor (7 years at UW), and Translator/Interpreter. Raised and schooled in Italy (10 years) and US (B.A. & M.A. from UW – 2001). UW Italian Instructor for 6 years (first through third year IT101-312). Extensive experience tutoring all levels of Italian and translating/interpreting.
Will teach courses, tutor, translate, and interpret.

Native Italian speaker currently doing a cultural exchange year in Wisconsin. BA in Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication, and Teaching Italian as a Second Language. Competencies in English, French, and Arabic combined with a good knowledge of relevant cultures. Experience teaching in a middle school during a 150 hour internship; taught Italian to specific groups of non-native learners coming from heterogeneous sociolinguistic and sociocultural cotexts. Completed six-month Erasmus program at the Royal Holloway University of London. IELTS academic overall score of 5.5 issued by the British Council, CEFR Level B2. 
Available for tutoring all levels of Italian, conversation, translations, and interpreting. 


Cell phone: 608-440-3785
Italian native speaker.  Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Ghebressillasie recently graduated from the Ragioneria School for accounting in Milan, Italy.  Currently enrolled in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program at UW. Will tutor, interpret, and translate.  

GOXHO, Delina
Home address:  606 Dickinson Street, Madison, WI  53703
Phone:  608-422-9337
Italian native speaker, and Graduate student.  Experienced tutor and translator.  BS in English/French Literature.  M.A. in International Relations at the University of Bologna.  Have tutored groups of 2 or 3 people, both at Cambridge and Bologna.  Worked as a translator for a film producing compang located in London.  Will tutor, translate, interpret, and type documents.

LEHNUS, Massimiliano
Phone: (608) 698-8868
Native Speaker. Born and raised in Italy. Pursuing a BS in Genetics. Experienced language tutor (one-on-one or group type lessons). Tutoring services include: grammar review, vocabulary reinforcement, conversation exercises, and exam preparation, at all levels. Patient and professional. Will tutor and interpret.

PU, Davide   
Phone: (608) 906-2020
Home address: 150 Iota Court, Madison, WI  53703
Native Speaker.  Born and raised in Italy, currently an exchange student at UW-Madison, BS in Economics (Bocconi University in Milan).  Experienced tutor, translator and interpreter (worked at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games and 2009 Swimming world champs).  Fluent also in Chinese and moderate in French.  Will tutor, translate, interpret, and type documents.

RUSSO, Nickolo
Home phone: (920) 539-7056
Home address: 10F Gerry Court, Madison, WI 53715
Experienced tutor having lived in Italy for a year, and completed 43 Italian course credits.

TERRUSO, Federica
Phone: (608) 576-9288
Home address: 1402 Regent Street, Madison, WI 53715
Currently studying at UW-Madison, as an exchange student, for the academic year. Will help students who need help with Italian Language. I can help with grammar structure and converse with students who want to practice Italian with a Native speaker. I can also help them understand Italian culture. Will Tutor.

TURNER, Rosine
PhD in Italian from U.W. Madison 1995.
Expert tutor, familiar with “Prego” and course expectations. Has materials and techniques to make it easier for you to learn. Office near the Capitol — 15 minutes on foot , or 5 on your bike from Van Hise. Will be available this fall through November 15.

WALSH, Lauren
Phone: (608) 609-4505
Available to tutor beginner’s Italian/French (levels 100 & 200). Studied Italian/French in a European high school and college. Has tutored at two universities and one community college. Private lessons available for $10/hr. Willing to meet students at Memorial Library and at the Madison Public Library (Central & Monroe St branches). Open availability.