Tutors and Translators (French)

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Tutors, please be aware of internet fraud. For more information, search “Tutor Scam.”

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Do you need a translation certified or signed before a notary? A translation for a French or Italian organization may not need to be notarized; the translator may be able to simply compose a certificate of accuracy. For American organizations that require a notary, any local bank should have a notary on staff who will sign for free (the translator is the person who needs to bring the documents to the notary, and remember that s/he should only sign before the notary).

Individuals associated with the French Program Individuals not associated with the French Program

Associated with the Department

KATHAN, Melanie
B.A. in French (2009), from Lawrence University, Master of French Studies (2014) from UW-Madison, has lived and worked in France for five years.  Experienced in one-on-one tutoring and classroom style teaching from ages 5 and up, as well as translation of current and some historical writing. Currently living in Montreal, Canada, and available for remote tutoring, translation projects, and editing. Please contact via email, melanie.kathan@gmail.com

PELL, Sandrine

Home address: 913 Lawrence Street, Madison, WI

Office address: 666 Van Hise Hall
Native speaker. Over 15 years experience in teaching French to all levels. Designs lessons based on the students needs. Will tutor, translate, interpret, and proofread documents.  Currently working on a PhD in Second Language Acquisition.

Office address:  666 Van Hise Hall
B.A. in French from Indiana University and experienced tutor.  Lived in Aix-en-Provence for a year.  Will tutor.

Not Associated with the Department

Home phone: (608) 556-5213
Native speaker from Paris.  Studied Law and Economics at University Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne.  Graduate LLM student as UW-Madison Law School (Dec. 2011).  Willing to give lessons to people interested in learning French in a pedagogical and entertaining environment.  Will tutor, translate, and interpret.


Native French speaker. Doctor in Comparative Literature from the University of Angers, France. Founder of the e-learning website “Dr.Anaïs”. Has taught many French classes both in France (University of Angers, Sciences-Po) and in the United States (Simpson College, IA). Now dedicated to teaching one-on-one tailor-made lessons online. Can teach face-to-face in Madison as well. Welcoming all francophiles! See www.dranais.com for more information, or email directly at anais.boulard@gmail.com

DAVIS, Zineb
Home phone:(608) 712-0128
Home address : 5025 Flambeau Road, Madison, WI 53705
Native speaker. Will tutor freshmen, first and second semester French language.

Phone: (608) 332-8857
French tutor and translator:  Retired high school French teacher and former Teaching Assistant in the UW-Madison Department of French and Italian. Taught all levels of French including AP for many years. Extensive experience tutoring French to university students, high school students and adults. Also have experience translating documents from French to English.  BA and MA in French. Lived in France for an extended period of time.  I have accompanied multiple groups of students to France over the years.

Home phone : (608) 287-8158
Home address : 709 Midvale Blvd., #3, Madison, WI 53711
Native speaker. Writing experience in both English and French. Experienced in translating technical documentation/manuals from English to French. Experienced in interpreting from French to English.
Will tutor, translate, interpret and type documents.

Office phone : (877) 873-0511
Office address : 215 North Randall Avenue, Madison, WI  53706
Native speaker.  Graduated with honors from NYU in 2008.  Tutored students one-on-one, small groups, and classroom settings for 9+ years.  Minored in French and spent significant time abroad in both France and Italy.  Works in the community helping local non-profits.  Certified by http://www.parliamenttutors.com  Will tutor, translate, interpret, and type documents.

HALLER, Dominique
Home address:1955 East Main Street, Madison, WI  53704
Native speaker of both French and German, of Swiss origin. Experience in teaching and tutoring in academic and non-academic environments.  Teaches conversation, grammar, comprehension, pronunciation, cultural contexts, and all other aspects of learning a language.  MA in cultural anthropology, MFA in Art. Will tutor,translate, interpret, and type documents.

HINTON, Melvin
Ph. D minor in French (UW-Madison).  Fulbright Scholar in France.  Assistant d’Anglais au Lycée Technique Ozenne (Toulouse) pendant deux ans.  Taught French at Fisk University and at Texas A&M University.  Experienced teacher and translator.  Former lecturer in Spanish at the UW-Madison and other universities. I was a Reader (and Table Leader) for the Spanish Advanced Placement Exam. Willing to tutor and translate (into English only). (608) 819-6807 / mhinton46@hotmail.com.

KINZLEY, Corentine

Phone:  (608) 609-5837
Native speaker.  Experienced teacher for all levels.
Will translate, interpret, and type documents.

KLEIBER, Natalie
Phone: (920) 207-1354
BA in French. Experienced as a teacher/tutor in France. Willing to commit myself to bridging concepts and communicating ideas in the most accurate manner of my abilities, in translating or interpreting. Two years experience living and working in France. Wrote for a local newspaper in France. Will translate, interpret, and type documents.

Recently arrived French exchange student. Native speaker interested in giving French lessons to students with a focus on grammar. Prior teaching experience. 

LIVNY, Marina
Cell phone: (608) 628-7973
Home address: 1905 Commonwealth Avenue, Madison WI 53726
Native speaker, tutor and translator, all levels. From leisure conversation to business letters, will customize any need.

Office address: Room 927, 1500 Engineering Drive
I am a new visiting scholar at the Physics Engineering department of UW. I come from France where I’m studying engineering studies. I have been living in Paris for three years and although French is my second language (that I started learning at the age of 10), I have a bilingual level. I have always appreciated French and I want to share this feeling with new French learners. I have a two-year tutoring experience with French pupils in scientific subjects. Now, I am ready to tutor American students willing to learn French.  Will tutor and type documents.

Phone: (608) 255-2101
Native French tutor and translator. BA and MA in English. All Levels. Business and Literary translations. 20 years experience. Downtown Madison. Will tutor, translate, interpret, and type documents.

MUNOZ, Heloise
Home phone: (608) 235-9133
Home address: 5 University Houses, #B, Madison, WI 53705
Native and vertified French teacher. MS in Science of Education. Experienced tutor in French from children to adult. Experienced teacher and principal of an elementary school (in France.) Experienced in developing interactive learning into groups or classrooms.
Will tutor.

Home phone: (608) 886-8991
Home address: 1118 E. Gorham Street, Madison, WI 53703
Native Speaker. Student in Agroecology (master). Will to help other students learn French. Will tutor, translate, interpret, and type documents.

Phone:  (608) 515-4426
Home address: 1110 Ruskin Street, #7, Madison, WI
Experienced bilingual French BA tutor/translator/interpreter.  Will assist undergrad. students who need help writing papers in French or conversing in French.  Also, skilled in translating letters and documents from French to English and vice versa.

POISSON, Jean-Marc (Ph.D., ATA-Certified Translator)
Home phone : (608) 238-6289
Native Speaker with over 16+ years of experience as a professional translator. Specializations: Public Health, International Development, Legal, Administrative Documents.

Home phone: (917) 346-1989
Home address : 630 N. Frances St., Madison WI
Native speaker of French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Lived in Paris (ages 1-5). Studied at the Lycée Français in New York from kindergarten through middle school (9 years). Taught Portuguese at a local public school in the summer of 2003. Worked at a children’s sports camp in a local village of Spain in the summer of 2004. Tutored beginner level French during junior year of high school. Also fluent in Italian and studies abroad in Rome, Spring 2010. Will tutor, translate, interpret, and type documents.

SMILEY, Ann Marie
Home phone: (608) 745-2217
Home address: 2102 Mayflower Drive, Middleton, WI 53562
Experienced teacher, tutor, interpreter and translator. Notary Public.

SOUC, Julien
Home phone: (847) 840-6428
Home address: 202 N. Hamilton #106, Madison, WI 53703
Native speaker. Experienced Teacher and Tutor – Institut Français-Madrid. B.A. in Foreign Languages – French, Spanish and English – Paris VII. Specialize in translating business letters and technical documents.
Will tutor, translate, interpret and type documents.


Phone: (608) 566-9007

Native speaker living in the US through fiance visa. Will tutor, interpret and translate from English to French and vice versa.


Cell phone: 608-622-0093



ATA-Certified Translator, French to English.

Professional translator with over 25 years of experience. BA in French and Spanish. Certificate in French to English translation from NYU, School of Professional and Continuing Studies.

WALSH, Lauren

Phone: (608) 609-4505
Available to tutor beginner’s French/Italian (levels 100 & 200). Studied French/Italian in a European high school and college. Has tutored at two universities and one community college. Private lessons available for $10/hr. Willing to meet students at Memorial Library and at the Madison Public Library (Central & Monroe St branches). Open availability.

Phone: 773.822.4304
E-mail: ejlieg@gmail.com
French into English Translator and Interpreter. B.A. (2002) and Master’s (2004) Degrees in French from UW-Madison and Translations Studies Certificate from the University of Chicago. American Translator Association (ATA) member. Experience translating a wide variety of documentation from the nonprofit, academic, financial, and marketing fields. Time spent living and working in France.

YAWO, Michel Kodzo
Home phone: (608) 338-9362
Home address: 4706 Barby Lane, Madison, WI 53704
Native speaker from Togo (West Africa). Graduated from the University of Lome, Togo, with an MS in Geography. Taught Geography for 2 years. Completed MS in Urban and Regional Planning, UW-Madison.
Will tutor, translate, interpret, and type documents.

VALLS, Julien

Phone: 262-359-0303

E-mail: vallsjulien@gmail.com

Currently a French high school teacher with Central High School in Milwaukee.  Available for translation projects.