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 I loved the small class sizes. I loved getting to know the faculty early on and having them remember me a year later when I took another class with them. 

 Learning Portuguese opened up new job and travel opportunities for me around the world.

Meeting people and discovering culture through a language will give it a special significance to you.

The language classes were a good place to find a sense of community within the large university.

I can’t list all the ways that the study of foreign languages has enriched my life. 

I feel passionate about learning, exploring, and growing through language education and cultural understanding.

I think I am more creative and unique because I speak three languages. I appreciate different cultures fully and embrace different art, tastes, sounds and places.

More than the ability to communicate in Spanish that has benefited my career, I know that my Spanish Language major immeasurably improved my ability to communicate in English.

Never quit studying, your language is a gift for life!

With at least 25% of Americans speaking Spanish as their 1st or 2nd language, I speak Spanish every day.