Vlad Dima

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2010

Associate Professor



636 Van Hise Hall

Primary language



French New Wave cinema, Francophone cinemas, film theory, Hitchcock, Tarantino/American auteur cinema, television studies, Quebec novel, theater of the absurd, zombies.


      Book: Sonic Space in Djibril-Diop Mambety’s Films, forthcoming, Indiana University Press, 2017.

      Book in progress: The Beautiful Skin: Clothes, Football and Fantasy in West African Cinemas, 1964-2014.


  • “Cinepoetic Violence: the Dismemberment of Language in Leila Sebbar’sUne femme à la fenêtre,” forthcoming, PR, CELAAN: Revue du Centre d’Etudes des Littératures et des Arts d’Afrique du Nord, Numéro special: Leila Sebbar.
  • “The Beautiful Fantasy: Imaginary Representations of Football in West-African Cinema,” forthcoming, Book Chapter,Cinéma-Monde.
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