Kimberly Rooney

Credentials: PhD Candidate in French



  • M.A. in French, University of Wisconsin – Madison 2017
  • B.A., Luther College, Decorah, IA 2013


My research examines depictions of school and learning in novels from and associated with Sub-Saharan African contexts. Along with these literary representations of French expression, I study the political, economic, social, and cultural frameworks within which schooling has evolved in these contexts. I explore affinities and distinctions in these portrayals of school in dialogue with postcolonial theory, critical pedagogies, and decolonial mindsets in order to better understand the formation of schooled subjects within their societies.

Sub-Saharan African novels of French expression, postcolonial theory, coloniality/decoloniality, critical pedagogy, educational philosophy of the Enlightenment, Francophone studies.


Representations of schooling in Sub-Saharan African Francophone Novels: Towards a decolonial turn


  • French 101
  • French 102
  • French 204


  • “Purity, Precarity, and Foreboding: Corruption in the School Space in Scholastique Mukasonga’s Notre-Dame du Nil.” Graduate Association of French & Italian Students Symposium: March 27-28, 2020. Madison, WI. (Cancelled due to COVID-19).
  • “Suspended between two cultures of learning: the alienating effects of discordant pedagogies inL’Enfant noir,” Graduate Association for French and Italian Students Research Symposium, April 2017, Madison, WI
  • “Developing an Independent National Identity in a Postcolonial Context through Senegalese Education,” National Conference for Undergraduate Research, April 2013, La Crosse, WI