Hilary Emerson

Credentials: Job Market Candidate in Italian

Email: hilary.a.emerson@wisc.edu


  • B.A., Italian Studies & International Relations, Wheaton College (MA)
  • M.A., Italian Language, Literature & Cinema, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Hilary Emerson is a Ph.D. candidate in Italian language, literature, and cinema at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her current research focuses on Neapolitan feminist and transfeminist film, specifically on the intersection of myth, performance, spectatorship, and selfhood in the avant-garde feminist filmography of Lina Mangiacapre and Le Nemesiache. Research interests include: self-reflexivity, sexuality, and sisterhood in Italian literature and film, the Italian feminist avant-garde, film theory, performance studies, ecofeminist theory, mad theory, disability theory, and aging studies.


The Performative is Political: Metamorphosis of Myth and Self in the Neapolitan Feminist Films of Lina Mangiacapre and the Nemesiache


  • “Beyond the Binary: Androgyny in Lina Mangiacapre’s Neapolitan Feminist Faust.” Northeast Modern Language Association Convention: March 5-8, 2020. Boston, MA.
  • “Androgyny in the Looking Glass: Reflection and Reflexivity in Lina Mangiacapre’s Feminist Faust.” Department of French & Italian Research Seminar Series. January 29, 2020. Madison, WI.
  • “Painted Faces and Creative Costume in La lotta non è finita.”  Graduate Association of French & Italian Students Symposium:  April 6-7, 2018.  Madison, WI.
  • “Vocabulary in Context:  Infusing Information Gap Activities with Culture.”  Kaleidoscope Conference:  March 8, 2018.  Madison, WI.
  • “Murder by Brooch: a Social and Sexual Crossroads for the Woman Outlaw.”  Graduate Association of French & Italian Students Symposium:  March 31-April 1, 2017.  Madison, WI.


  • Italian 101 (First Semester Italian) – instructor
  • Italian 102 (Second Semester Italian) – instructor
  • Italian 202 (Accelerated Third & Fourth Semester Italian) – instructor
  • Italian 203 (Third Semester Italian) – instructor
  • Italian 204 (Fourth Semester Italian) – instructor
  • Italian 254 (Italian Literature in Translation: Existentialism, Fascism, Resistance) – grader
  • Italian 360 (French & Italian Literature in Translation: Renaissance Online) – grader
  • Italian 460 (Italian Film) – grader