Professional French Masters Program

The UW-Madison Professional French Masters Program, or PFMP, is an interdisciplinary professional master’s degree program for advanced speakers of French who want to use their French in jobs outside academia.  PFMP students earn an MFS, or Master of Professional French Studies, degree, after two semesters of coursework (in both French and the respective concentration areas), an internship in their field in a French-speaking country, and submission and public presentation of a professional portfolio and master’s project.

PFMP students specialize in one of six concentration areas:  business, education, EU affairs, international development, international education, and media/arts/cultural production, and work in international business, government and non-profit sector jobs following graduation.

I always think that joining this program was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”
-Ama Mohammed (MFS 2020, business)


We extend thanks to our internship partners, colleagues, students, and several hundred program graduates around the world, for a wonderful twenty-three years.  We look forward to future collaborations of all kinds with you, as you continue to find all kinds of new ways to – as the PFMP slogan puts it – USE YOUR FRENCH.

After 23 years of great success, the PFMP has decided to close its doors to new students.  However, its large alumni community continues to thrive with their degree and training.

Whether in international business, international development, the arts, translation or academia, the PFMP led its students and graduates to jobs across the world.  From heads of global product review, marketing executives, consultants, brand managers, global sales hub managers, and beyond, PFMP graduates turned their French into careers and look forward to ways of helping future students of French find their way in the professional world.

See the program website and Facebook page for more, including recent internships, alumni promotions, job news, and the semi-annual program newsletter, L’ESSOR.