Placement for Italian


There is no departmental test for Italian. Students with previous experience in Italian should consult an Italian advisor or the Department for placement suggestions, or refer to the following table:


High School experience Grade Placement
One year of high school with A or B 102
C or lower 101
Two years of high school with A or B 203
C or lower 102
Three years of high school with A or B 204
C or lower 203
Four years of high school with A or B 311 or 321
C or lower 204




Students enrolled in 102, 182, 203, 204, 311 or 312 are eligible for retro credits. Consult complete retroactive credit policy for more information.


Course taken
Retro Credits
311, 312


Note: Italian 201, Italian for Speakers of Other Romance Languages, is an intense, 2 semesters-in-one course designed for students who have had the equivalent of 4 college semesters of another romance language (French, Spanish, Portuguese).


Advanced Placement (AP) Credit Policy


College credit will be awarded to students who receive a 3, 4, or 5 on their AP Italian Exam.  More information can be found here.


Score Credit Policy To also earn retro credits, take
3 or 4 4 cr. 204 311
5 4 cr. 452 311