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Students holding an M.A. in French from another institution must complete all the requirements indicated above with the following modifications:

  • Course Equivalencies : Students may petition Graduate Studies to receive equivalencies for a maximum of three graduate courses they took while completing their M.A. degrees elsewhere. Proper documentation—syllabi, transcripts, and written work—is necessary, and equivalencies are granted only if the committee believes the work completed to be comparable to graduate courses or seminars offered in the Department.
  • Qualifying Exam : Instead of the M.A. examination, students are required to take a qualifying examination identical to the oral part of the M.A. examination (p. 4). The qualifying exam is given in mid-November (mid-March in the event that the student enters in the spring semester). The committee members are the faculty responsible for the next upcoming M.A. exam session. Candidates who fail may retake the exam during the second semester of study.

Please Note: New-entry Ph.D. students with an M.A. in a field other than French should consult their advisor at the beginning of their first semester to discuss supplementing their courses with extra work in certain areas.