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Semester: Fall 2018

Italian 820: College Teaching of French

Credits: 3 Contact: Heather Willis Allen

Pre-Reqs: Graduate or professional standing


College Teaching of French/Italian


Intended for instructors of elementary- and intermediate-level collegiate French and Italian courses, the goal of FRE 820 is to help you understand key concepts of communicative, literacy-oriented language teaching and related techniques for classroom instruction. This course will provide the foundation for success in teaching lower-level French or Italian courses, but to deepen your understanding of teaching language, literature, and cultural studies at more advanced levels, I encourage you to consider enrolling in another course such as FRE 821 or a seminar offered by the Second Language Acquisition doctoral program later in your graduate studies. Participants in this seminar will demonstrate:

  1. Understanding of key concepts of communicative, literacy-oriented language teaching
  2. Understanding of classroom techniques for communicative, literacy-oriented language teaching
  3. Ability to apply key concepts related to communicative, literacy-oriented language teaching to designing French or Italian instructional materials, lessons, and assessment tools
  4. Increasing engagement in pedagogical discourse on collegiate foreign language teaching and learning

Italian 951: Seminar-Studies in Italian Literature

Credits: 3 Contact: Jelena Todorović

"Conception Of Love From The Troubadours To Petrarca”    


This course will examine the conception of love from the Old Occitan troubadours to Francesco Petrarca, focusing on literature, philosophy, medicine, and politics.