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Note: Honors option is available at almost all levels. For introductory and intermediate language courses (101, 102, 203, 204, 227 & 228), odd numbered courses offer a dedicated honors section in the Fall, and even numbered courses offer a dedicated honors section in the Spring. Honors sections in 101-228 offer smaller enrollments (16 instead of 24 max) and, by demanding a more concerted and independent effort on the part of the students, class sessions allow for greater expansion of activities and more in-class communication.

Semester: Fall 2018

French 590: Advanced Phonetics

Credits: 3 Contact: Martine Debaisieux

Advanced study of French sounds, phonetic transcription, practice in pronunciation; required of teaching majors.

French 615: Grammaire avancée

Credits: 3 Contact: Martine Debaisieux

Advanced course in French grammar and style, with a special focus on various critical and professional applications. For students in the Professional French Masters Program.

French 616: Social Responsibility in Contemporary French-Language Professional Writing

Credits: 3 Contact: Ritt Deitz

Required for Professional French Masters Program students, this interdisciplinary course investigates discourses of social responsibility in the French-speaking professional world and across sectors, in the fields of international development, marketing, management, and administration. By studying how concepts of socially responsible practice are represented in business and professional writing in France, Quebec and Francophone Africa, students will consider how trends in their individual PFMP concentration areas relate to those of their classmates and future colleagues.

Pre-Reqs: Declared in French Studies masters program or the capstone certificate in French Studies

French 630: Le Siècle des Lumières

Credits: 3 Contact: Anne Vila

Pre-Reqs: Grad st or cons inst

French 642: Culture et Sociétés Dans le Monde Francophone

Credits: 3 Contact: Névine El Nossery

Graduate survey of major socio-political, cultural, and economic developments in the major French-speaking regions of the world. Taught in three modules (Europe, Africa, and Canada), the course is required for students in the Professional French Masters Program.

Pre-Reqs: None

French 647: Le Roman Francais au XXe Siècle

Credits: 3 Contact: Joshua Armstrong

In this semester's French 647, subtitled "How to Consume a 20th-Century Literary Masterpiece," we will read canonical 20th-century novels alongside more recent novels that explicitly dialogue with, deconstruct, or otherwise engage with them. Albert Camus's L'étranger (1942) will be followed by Kamel Daoud's, Meursault, contre-enquête (2015), a novel whose narrator is the brother of the unnamed 'Arabe' murdered by Camus's protagonist. Marcel Proust's, Du côté de chez Swann (1913, MA reading list) will be followed by Anne Garréta's, La décomposition (1999), a dark novel that employs a perverse Oulipo-inspired logic to murder the characters from Proust's novel as a way of consuming Proust once and for all. Marguerite Duras's, Le ravissement de Lol V. Stein (1964) gets a strange makeover with Jean Rolin's, Le ravissement de Britney Spears (2013, MA reading list). Finally, we will explore the life of things and how they are consumed, reading Francis Ponge's Le parti pris des choses (1942, MA reading list) with Maylis de Kerangal's Naissance d'un pont (2010). The course will be conducted in French. We will spend roughly two weeks on each novel, and excerpts of theoretical texts will be supplied to complement the readings.

French 820: College Teaching of French

Credits: 3 Contact: Heather Willis Allen

Pre-Reqs: Graduate or professional standing

French 901: Seminar-Materials and Methods of Research

Credits: 1-3 Contact: Ritt Deitz

Pre-Reqs: Graduate or professional standing

French 947: Seminar: Questions de Littérature

Credits: 3 Contact: Richard Goodkin

Pre-Reqs: Graduate or professional standing