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Note: Honors option is available at almost all levels. For introductory and intermediate language courses (101, 102, 203, 204, 227 & 228), odd numbered courses offer a dedicated honors section in the Fall, and even numbered courses offer a dedicated honors section in the Spring. Honors sections in 101-228 offer smaller enrollments (16 instead of 24 max) and, by demanding a more concerted and independent effort on the part of the students, class sessions allow for greater expansion of activities and more in-class communication.

Semester: Fall 2017

French 615: Grammaire avancée

Credits: 3 Contact: Martine Debaisieux

Advanced course in French grammar and style, with a special focus on various critical and professional applications. For students in the Professional French Masters Program.

French 639: La Littérature Du XVIIe Siècle

Credits: 3 Contact: Martine Debaisieux

Etude approfondie des grandes oeuvres du XVIIe siecle. Grad standing.

French 705: La Littérature Française des Débuts Jusqu'à La Fin du XIII Siècle

Credits: 3 Contact: Keith Busby

French 820: College Teaching of French

Credits: 3 Contact: Heather Willis Allen

French 901: Seminar-Materials and Methods of Research

Credits: 1-3 Contact: Ritt Deitz

Grad standing.

French 947: Seminar: Questions de Littérature

Credits: 3 Contact: Joshua Armstrong