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Important members of our community, department alumni participate in regular campus French and Italian events, mentor current and recent students, help shape our study abroad initiatives in the French- and Italian-speaking worlds, and fund scholarships for students otherwise less able to travel during their studies.  We regularly feature news about department program alumni in our newsletters, and scores of colleges and universities throughout the country have French and Italian faculty who did their graduate work at Madison. 

Recent Ph.D. Major Graduates

2018                                                              Current Position

Jennifer Morgan - French Ph.D.                Admissions Consultant, Spark Admissions

Carla Cornette - Italian Ph.D.                    Lecturer, Penn State Universtity

Sarah Forzley - French Ph.D.                     Upper School French Teacher, Community Sch.

Nathan Germain - French Ph.D.               Visiting Assistant Professor, Providence College

Tessa Sermet - French Ph.D.                     Assistant Professor, Lake Forest College

Jan Starczewski - French Ph.D.                 Visiting Assistant Professor, Allegheny College


Carlo Annelli - Italian Ph.D.                       Assistant Professor, Truman State University

Daniele Forlino - Italian Ph.D.                    Lecturer, Southern Methodist University

Anne Hajek - French Ph.D.

Redouane Khamar - French Ph.D.             Assistant Professor, New Jersey City University

Sara Mattavelli - Italian Ph.D.                     Lecturer, College of William and Mary

Kathleen Prantil - Italian Ph.D.                   Senior Lecturer, Florida State University

Paola Villa - Italian Ph.D.

Caitlin Yocco-Locascio - French Ph.D.     Instructional Design Proj Mgr, Morgan Stanley


Aria Cabot - Italian Ph.D.                           Dir of World Lang & Lit Tech Cent, SMU

Hilary Heffley - French Ph.D.                     Financial Specialist, UW-Madison

Kristina Kosnick - French Ph.D.                  Assistant Professor, Augustana College

Ryan Schroth - French Ph.D.                      Instructor of French, Eastern Illinois University

Rachel Tapley - French Ph.D.                     Visiting Lecturer, Amherst College