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Literature in Translation 360
French & Italian Renaissance Literature: On-line Course


Enrolling in this course

Enrolling in variable credit courses can be confusing. Please READ ALL TIMETABLE FOOTNOTES related to this course before enrolling. In addition:

  • Students enrolling in this course must have access to internet and a computer with the ability to play audio.
  • Students enrolling for 4 credits are required to enroll in a discussion section and participate in online discussions

HOW TO ENROLL: Please follow these steps CAREFULLY!

  1. SELECT LECTURE (Generally we only offer one lecture, 001)


  2. SELECT OPTIONAL DISCUSSION "301" / "302" or SELECT "No Selection". In other words, if you want to take the course for 4 credits, choose either discussion 301 or 302 that is open. If you want the class for 3 credits, choose "No Selection".



    If you enrolled in the lecture and a discussion, choose four units.

    Be certain that you choose the correct number of credits! Then proceed to the next step to complete enrollment.



    It is your responsibility to make sure your enrollment is accurate. Verify your enrollment by viewing your class schedule within web enrollment.

    NOTE: Optional 4th credit discussion sections are non-enrollment sections meaning you cannot add or delete an optional discussion without adding or deleting the course/lecture. Changing/editing your credits DOES NOT add or delete a discussion. Example: If you enrolled in the lecture and in a discussion, but incorrectly entered your credits as 3, you can simply edit and change your credits to 4. If you enrolled for 4 credits, but only enrolled in the lecture, or if you intended to be enrolled for 3 credits but enrolled in the lecture and a discussion, you will need to contact Sue Grass by email at or by phone at 608-262-5074. Please have your ID number ready.