9:00-9:15       Welcome 

Associate Dean Susan M.  Zaeske

College of Letters & Science


9:15-9:30       Introduction           

Aliko Songolo, Chair

Department of African Languages & Literature


9:30-11:00     Session 1.  Cultural Studies:  Localities and Commodities


Matthew H. Brown, University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Seeing the Field for the Particles: On the Relations between Producers, Texts, and Audiences in Nollywood.”


Subha Xavier, Emory University. “Migrant Modes: Mobility and the Market in Contemporary African Cultural Production”


Emily Callaci, University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Dar After Dark: Dance, Desire and Conspicuous Consumption in Dar es Salaam’s Nightlife.”


Moderator:  Jo Ellen Fair, University of Wisconsin-Madison


11:00-11:15   Coffee Break


11:15-12:45   Session 2. The Languages of  Cultural Studies


Katrina Daly Thompson, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Contextualizing Popobawa: Multivocality and the Shifting Meanings of a Swahili Text.”


Shani Omari, University of Dar es Salaam. “Revive the Past, Live the Present: The Case of (Self)Praise Lyrics in Hip Hop and Bongo Fleva Music in Tanzania.”


Sinfree Bullock Makoni, Pennsylvania State University. “Ageing in Africa as a Prism to African Cultural Studies.”


Moderator: Dustin Cowell, University of Wisconsin-Madison


12:45-2:00     Lunch Break


2:00-2:45       Jazz Mama. Film by Petna Ndaliko Katondolo

                        Introduction by Chérie Rivers Ndaliko


2:50-4:20       Session 3. Sights and Sounds of Cultural Studies


Chérie Rivers Ndaliko, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “Jazz Mama: Re-framing Congolese Women through Film and Song.”


John Nimis, University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Reading Across Media: ‘Musical Readings’ in Congolese Literature and Cinema”


Ziad Bentahar, Towson University. “Africaphilia or Arabophobia? When Moroccan youth sang ‘Africa!’”


Moderator: Michael Schatzberg, University of Wisconsin-Madison


4:20-4:35       Coffee Break


4:35-4:45       Introduction of Karin Barber: Tejumola Olaniyan


4:45-6:00       Keynote Presentation


Karin Barber, University of Birmingham, UK. “Language, Text and Popular Culture in African Studies.”



Saturday 2 May


8:30-9:00       Continental Breakfast


9:00-10:30     Session 4. Cultural Studies and Politics


Luís Madureira, University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Adrift Between Neoliberalism and the Revolution: Cape Verde and the South Atlantic in Germano Almeida’s Eva”


Damon Sajnani, Northwestern University & Harvard University. “The Meaning of African Diaspora: Foregrounding the Political”


Nirvana Tanoukhi, University of Wisconsin-Madison.“Writing With(out) a Purpose: Two Manuals for Students of Writing from Southern Africa (1979, 1981)”


Moderator: Ellen Sapega, University of Wisconsin-Madison


10:30-10:45   Coffee Break


10:45-10:55   Introduction of Manthia Diawara: Ronald Radano


10:55-12:10   Keynote Presentation.


Manthia Diawara, New York University. “Présence Africaine and the Origins of African Cultural Studies.”


12:10-1:30     Lunch Break



1:30-3:00       Concluding Roundtable. The Significance of Cultural Studies


Samuel England, University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Chérie Rivers Ndaliko, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


John Nimis, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Ronald Radano, University of Wisconsin-Madison. 


Subha Xavier, Emory University


Chair:  Tejumola Olaniyan, University of Wisconsin-Madison.



7:00-9:00       An Evening with Djo Tunda wa Munga, Film Director

                        (preceded by the projection of Viva Riva!)


Moderator: Matthew Brown